Our printing processes explained. Mystified by all the jargon?We sort the transfers from the transflex and clear away the smoke-screen around screen printing.

Dye-sublimation is a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as ceramics, plastics and synthetic fabrics like polyester. When heat is applied the dye becomes a gas and is then allowed to permeate the surface of the product, before returning to a solid form. The dye is now infused with the product's surface and is therefor less vulnerable to fading and distortion over time.

Heat Transfer Paper
There are many form of heat transfer paper out here, but most are commonly used to apply graphics to textile and clothing. In most cases, anywhere that the image requires white, the garment's existing colour shows through. The mirror of the image is printed on the paper, and when it is printed face-down on the garment, the result is the original.

Tuftrans/Litho Tuftrans
Our most popular and versatile transfer. Very strong with excellent adhesion to cotton, mixtures and most synthetics. Very wide window of application. Great for bags, workwear, jackets, soccer kits as well as polo shirts / T-shirts etc.

Gives your garment a screen printed look. Quick to apply onto cotton, polycotton and some synthetics.

Provides colour magazine quality on a T-shirt, accurately reproducing photgraphs and tonal designs.FlockA highly opaque print with a velvet texture and three dimensional quality. Most suitable for 1 colour, although multi-colour designs can be achieved.

Transflex Vinyl
Highly opaque transfer material with a secure, long-lasting bond to cotton and polyester. Available in lots of colours including neon and metallic. Great for T-shirts / polo shirts / hoodies etc. Suitable for dry cleaning.


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