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Monarch Print is one of the leading Printed Soft Toy suppliers in the UK and we are proud of the range of Promotional Soft Toys that we offer. We also make sure to keep our prices competative, passing any savings on to our customers to make sure that you get the best deal.

All of our Personalised Teddy Bears can be fitted with different outfits, including Graduate Outfits, Dressing Gowns and Bathrobes, Hi-Vis Jackets and More!

Printed Promotional Teddy Bears – Garment Selection.

Whether you’re looking for giveaway Promotional Teddy Bears, or Printed Soft Toys featuring your own design to mark up and sell on, we have the range of Teddy bears and outfits to suit your budget, style, and branding message.

Select your preferred outfit below from our best-selling Promotional T-shirt Bears, Printed Dressing Gown Bears, through to Printed Chef Bears, Graduate Bears, High Viz and Hoody Bears.

Small in size, big on impact.

Promotional Teddy Bears go a long way to grow your relationships with new and existing client bases. You’ll be surprised how much your logo will stand out and how much space you have to get your message across on each of our Promotional Teddy Bears.

Printed Soft Toys can be enjoyed for years, keeping your branded message going long after your marketing campaign has ended.

‘Bearly’ any effort.

Excuse the pun, but there really is ‘bearly’ any effort required for you to start your marketing campaign using Promotional Teddy Bears. If you already have a logo or design, just email it to us and we will scale it to fit your Printed Bear perfectly and send you a mock up to approve. If you’d like help with your branding message or need a logo refreshed, our team of experienced graphic designers are here to assist you. With No Minimum Order Requirements and No Set Up Costs, there’s never been a better time to show you care with a Promotional Bear.

Un-bear-lievable Marketing Versatility.

We have yet to find an industry sector that can’t benefit from Promotional Products. Promotional Soft Toys have great appeal to the young, the old, and all ages in between, making them an extremely versatile marketing tool which has the benefit of bringing a human touch and sensitive side to your marketing campaigns.

See our Industry specific pages for more information on how others in your sector have used Promotional Teddy Bears to benefit their cause.

- Charities
- Hospitality
- Exhibitions / Trade shows
- Education / Learning
- General Business Promotions
- Sports & Leisure
- Health & Beauty

Guiding you by the ‘paw’.

If you’d appreciate a few recommendations, here are some ‘Bear’ necessities you should definitely check out first…

Our best-selling small Promotional Teddy Bear is Henry. Perfect if you’re on a tight budget, he’s great for promotional giveaways. A surprisingly Large Print Area for a small bear, he’ll work hard at getting your logo seen by as many people as possible.

Our most popular medium sized Promotional Bear is Anne. People love her cute face, soft fur, and satisfying size for both small and adult hands. With almost double the print area over Henry, she can help push more of your brand message. You can also have an extra print position on the backs of the Teddy Bear T-Shirts, great for adding a phone number or website or some extra call to action or secondary brand message.

For a more interactive Promotional Bear, how about our Jointed Charles Bears from our Large Bears range? The jointed arms and legs will provide maximum engagement from your audience as they pose Charles in all sorts of stances and arrangements.

For the greatest print areas and Teddy Bear sizes, you can’t beat our Printed Edward Bears. With embroidered paws and facial features, these friendly XL Bears are still safe for all ages. With a print area of over 9 x 8cm you’ll be hard pushed to find a better ambassador for your brand.

Why not explore the full range of Promotional Teddy Bears, Mugs and Bags?

If you need any advice about the options available to you then give us a call on 01454 273 463 or email sales@monarchprint.co.uk

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